Rites of South Africa

While Vanderbilt partied at the annual spring weekend, Ricky, Gerik and I declared this week Rites of South Africa. Ricky joined Gerik and I for the week for his holiday from studying abroad in Brazil. Gerik took a bit of time off his studies at the University of Cape Town, and I took a little break from my research.

Our week was spent eating well, drinking well and showing off the city. We took a trip to Simon’s Town to visit the penguins, to Stellenbosch to taste wines, hiked the famous Table Mountain, went to a braai, walked to the waterfront, explored a craft market, walked through my old neighborhood in Bokaap, went to a colorful and delicious food market, and explored some wildlife unique to the waters of Cape Town.

The week was a whirlwind tour, showing Ricky as many highlights as we could fit into a week’s stay. Each sight we showed off reminded me of the beauty of this country. Everything from the mountains, to the city to the sea- was picturesque. We exchanged hundreds of stories about our semesters, reminiscing about trips taken and sights seen.

On Monday evening I was invited into a family’s home to celebrate Pesach. A friend of a friend of a friend set me up with this family to celebrate the holiday. A random assortment of students were invited into their home, sparking interesting conversations about life in SA. Their home was incredibly modern and funky, and their food was delicious. The Seder was similar in many respects, some new tunes and observances were unique to South Africa. Although I greatly missed my family in Cleveland who were gathered at my cousin’s house- this was a seder one I won’t soon forget.

Just two more weeks of researching and living in our beautiful home on Kloof Avenue. This semester is flying by, it’s hard to believe I can count the number of weeks I’ll be here on just one hand. I’m looking forward to filling my box and enjoying my time in here in eKapa.

The City Bowl from the top of Table Mountain

Mzolies Braai

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